How Long Does It Take to Wax Skis? All You Need to Know

In order to maintain and increase the longevity of skis, waxing the skis is an essential step. The length of the waxing process, however, confuses many people.

So, how long does it take to wax skis?

Well, waxing skis can take up to 30 minutes. So, although the process itself isn’t that time-consuming, it can take 2-3 hours for the wax to dry out. Properly waxing the skis can minimize the time taken to wax the skis. Moreover, there are many methods of waxing your skis. How frequently you should wax your skis depends on the type of skis and wax.

This is not the complete information. To get all the important details, read the article till the end!

How Long Does It Take to Wax Skis?

how long to leave wax on skis
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The full procedure of waxing skis can take up to 2-3 hours or more. But, the time can be shortened or delayed depending on the person’s expertise.

It’s good practice to wait 20-30 minutes before scraping the wax off the skis. After scraping off the wax, the wax needs to be cooled. The minimum time to let the wax cool off is 30 – 60 minutes.

It’s better to wax skis once at the start of every season. Also, If you plan to store your skis for a long time or if the base feels rough, wax them.

You should already know the importance of waxing your skis.  Now we’ll discuss the steps to wax your skis effortlessly. 

How to Wax Skis Properly

To wax skis, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment such as-

Now, let’s get to the process. Here are the steps to wax your skis properly-

Step 1: Put on the Gloves and Glasses

For safety purposes, you should always put on gloves and eyeglasses before waxing your skis. Wax getting into your eyes can create problems!

Step 2: Prepare the Skis

Put the skis on a non-slippery surface and tie them up with rubber bands. The more sturdy your skis are, the easier it will be to wax them. After the skis are set, clean them with a damp towel so the wax sits better.

Step 3: Prepare the Iron

Plug in the waxing iron to get it warmed up. The box of the iron will tell you what temperature to work it with.

Step 4: Start Waxing

Now, if you’ve got a wax cart, you need to transfer some wax from the wax cart. Get a healthy chunk of wax out of the cart. Then, press the block of wax onto the hot iron. The heat will melt the wax. Drip a line of wax across the ski. 

Then, iron over the dripped wax. Keep the iron moving. Don’t keep the iron idle at any point because it may damage your skis. Make sure to cover the entire length and do the same thing for both of your skis.

Step 5: Scrape off the Extra Wax

Scrape off the Extra Wax
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Get a scraper and hold it down on your skis using both hands. Then, use a line motion and get the extra wax out. Keep doing the same motion along the entire length of the ski. Don’t be afraid to put a little bit of pressure while scraping the wax off.

Step 6: Brush the Skis

Brush the Skis
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For the final step, use the nylon brush to get the small bits of waxes out. Work from tip to tail, similar to scraping the skis. It should get rid of all the wax bits that are stuck in the groove and smoothen out your skis.

Brush the skis until they look shiny and take the rubber bands off. Now your skis are waxed and ready.

How to Wax Skis Without An Iron

Since purchasing a waxing iron can be expensive, many people try to skip this part. The good news is, it’s possible to wax your skis without an iron. Below are some methods for it.

Method 1: Use a Heat Gun/Blow Dryer

This method is the same waxing method mentioned above, with different equipment. You can substitute the waxing iron with a heat gun or a blow dryer. 

Use any of these to melt the wax and drip the wax out on your skis. The remaining steps are the same as before. Using the blow dryer or the heat gun will add more time to the entire waxing process, so be patient.

Method 2: Use Rub-on Wax

This is one of the easiest methods of waxing your skis. Follow the steps below to wax your skis using rub-on waxes-

Step 1: Choose Your Desired Rub-on Wax

You can find many rub-on products on the market. Try to find easy-to-apply waxes.

Step 2: Tie and Clean the Skis

Find a clean working surface to place your skis on. After placing them, secure them in position by using rubber bands. You can also use straps to lock the skis in place. Then, clean the skis using a damp cotton towel. 

Step 3: Rub the Wax

Use the rub-on wax on your skis. Make sure you’re covering the entire surface of your skis. Cover the base as well. If you’ve put wax somewhere unintended, don’t worry. You can get the wax off the same way you’d get wax off your skin.

Finally, to even out the wax, use the attached cork. Now your skis are ready.

How Regularly Should You Wax Skis?

Skis need to be waxed at the start of every season. If you’re regular on snowboarding, you should wax your skis every 3-4 outings. This will deliver the best performance, as well as keep your skis in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Water Remove Wax?

Yes, water can remove wax. The water has to be really hot though. Boiling water can remove the wax by melting the wax. A hot water compress is best to remove wax.

How Do I Know If My Skis Are Dull?

You can use your finger to know if your skis are dull. Drag a fingernail across the edges of your ski. If the edge is dull, the ski edge won’t scrape away. If it does scrape away, it means that it’s sharp enough.

Can You Wax Skis Too Often?

No, you can’t wax your skis too often as the ski wax will wear down fast. You’ll notice a slowdown in performance after two days of consecutive waxing. And after 5 days of skiing, you’ll clearly notice the slowdown of your ski.   

The Final Words

That is all. Hopefully, now you know how long does it take to wax skis.

If you’re not feeling like waxing your own skis, you can drop them to a waxing shop. In exchange for a small labor cost, your skis will be waxed. Good luck have a great day.

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