How to get wax out of hair

If the candle wax gets on your hair, it won’t be easy to remove, but it’s possible. There are a number of ways to do this. You can use for this cosmetic hair products or hair dryer. There are other no less effective means that are available in everyone’s home. Let’s find out how to get wax out of hair.

The Candle Wax and Hair Wax Danger

So, let’s talk about some very serious stuff, and in particular, how to remove wax from hair.

Candle wax getting on your hair is pretty rare, but sometimes it happens and causes huge problems.

Styling wax is made to be fairly easy to get rid from your hair, while candle wax does not involve getting it on your head, so it will be more difficult to deal with. Many people find that they cannot completely get rid of the wax in their hair.

But we hasten to tell you that time has taught us a lot, including how to get rid of wax in your hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner Use

If the wax suddenly got on the tips of your hair, all the steps below can be done in the shower. It is much scarier when it sticks to the roots. In this case, a bathtub or a sink comes in handy. Always start with the roots, working your way up to the tips.

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This way, it’s easier to spot if you’re waxing all over or just missing something. It doesn’t hurt to look in the mirror regularly.

If for some reason you can’t do everything alone, ask someone close to you to inspect your hair after the procedure.

Step 1: Wash your hair

Let’s get to the action. Open the faucet with hot water. The higher the temperature of the water, the faster the wax will begin to melt, which means the less trouble you will have during the cleaning process.

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Wash your hair with shampoo. Gently apply the shampoo to your hair, starting at the roots. Each movement should be precisely aligned so you don’t miss anything. Where the wax is, you will also need to go through the shampoo. If you realize that the wax is coming off your hair, remove it from your head immediately.

Step 2: Take a hair conditioner

If we can’t remove the soft wax from our hair after shampooing, we can use conditioner. We apply it to the hair. Also start with the roots and slowly move to the ends. Keep in mind that you should only use hair conditioner if your hair is wet.

Step 3: Dry your hair

First, gather your hair together and wrap it in a towel. Let them dry, then collect any remaining moisture. Around the mirror, you will need to run your hand over all areas of your head. Where there is wax left, it should now be easy to remove. In this case, help you comb. You can ask your family members for help.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure

If you were not able to completely remove the wax from the hair the first time, start again. Remember that if you wash your hair often, it will have a bad effect on your hair, so try to get it right once.

How to Remove Candle Wax Residue with a Hair Dryer

If the wax is soft, the previous procedure is fine. But what to do if the wax is already hardened. This is where an ordinary hair dryer comes in handy.

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Step 1: Find the spots where the wax is dirty

Feel the hair and find the place with the wax. If it’s soft and pliable, go back to the previous section and go through the steps there. With hardened wax, we’ll do things completely differently.

Step 2: Wrap paper towels around the hair

Pay special attention to where the cured wax is. Separate the part of the hair with the wax and wrap it as tightly as possible. A paper towel should be slightly moistened so that it adheres better to the hair.

Step 3: Turn on the hair dryer

When you do this, you should set it to the maximum operating mode. But you should know that holding the flow of hot air for a long time can be harmful to your hair, so don’t do this procedure for a long time. When using the hair dryer, remember to hold a paper towel.

Also, keep the hair dryer at a distance so the paper doesn’t catch fire and burn your hair. Keep an eye on the condition of the wax, you’ll quickly feel the change as it melts.

Step 4: Remove the paper towel from your hair

When doing this, take as much wax with you as possible, and ideally all of it. So take your time and slowly pull the towel away from your hair. You can collect the remaining wax with your hands or a comb.

Step 5: Repeat if necessary

If you didn’t remove all the wax at once, get new paper towels and do all the steps from the beginning.

Step 6: Wash your hair

Then shampoo your hair thoroughly, blow-dry it, and comb it. This way you can remove the small wax particles that are left on your head.

How to Get Wax Out of Hair with Home Remedies

If washing your hair with shampoo and melting the wax with a hair dryer does not cope with the task, you can try other equally affordable ways. You can remove the wax with hot water, various oils (vegetable, children’s, mineral), petroleum jelly.

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Good results are obtained by using special products. You can also entrust this to a professional hairdresser.

Method 1: Immerse the hair in hot water

If the wax is stuck to the ends of the hair, you can remove it with hot water. Then dip the hair into a sink filled with hot water. Use a paper towel or terry towel to dry your hair. Make an effort and try to remove the wax while drying. If that doesn’t help remove all the wax completely, perform the manipulation a few more times.

Method 2: Apply ice to the hair

Ice can be used to cool the wax, which should crumble later on. To do this, you can use ice cubes or a bag filled with ice.

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It is enough to put ice on the wax and leave it for a few minutes. Then remove it and crumble the hardened wax. If the first time you could not clean the contamination completely, carry out the procedure again, then wash your hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner.

Method 3: Use oil

If you happen to get wax on the roots of your hair, you can remove it with oil. You can do this with vegetable oil, baby oil or mineral oil. Choose the most suitable product and start the procedure.

First you need to wet the hair with water, then pour the oil on your hands and pass it through the strands. Soak the oil on your hair for a few minutes. During this time, the wax should soften and dissolve. You can remove its remnants with cotton pads or a towel. Then rinse the hair with water and shampoo.

Method 4: Use Vaseline

Vaseline has the same effect as oil. It can also be used to dissolve hardened wax. Apply the product to the area with dirt, then wipe it with a damp cloth soaked in a soap solution.

Rinse the hair with warm water. If wax remains, try the procedure again. After that wash your hair with shampoo, apply conditioner, remove the residue with a comb.

Method 5: Buy a special product for removing wax

There are products on the market that are designed to remove wax. Their advantage is that they soften the scalp and do not have an aggressive effect. You can find such products in beauty salons or in stores that specialize in the sale of hair products. To avoid damaging your locks and remove wax, use such products only in accordance with the instructions on the bottle.

Method 6: Consult a hairdresser

If you have tried all the options or do not want to risk not to traumatize the hair, go for a consultation with a hairdresser.

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Professionals are experienced in removing wax from hair, and know what safe products to use.

How Do You Remove Styling Wax From Your Hair

Now let’s move on from simple methods to more complex ones. The cosmetic industry has long believed that the hair gel is outdated, and are beginning to produce products with wax. The gel is easily washed off the hair, but the wax perfectly holds the hair, but at the same time to get rid of styling wax later will be quite difficult.

Every hair stylist has paid attention to these products because they are much more effective, but it is quite difficult to get them out of the hair.

Nevertheless, it is very much possible to remove hair styling wax. There are simple and effective options on how to do it.

We will need the following things:

  • Hot water, but not boiling water, otherwise you will burn your hair.
  • Hair conditioner that you normally use.
  • Shampoo, but without wax content. We advise you to buy a clarifying shampoo.

Remember one thing, cold water won’t help you no matter how much shampoo you use. The hair wax particles should always melt before removal.

Now let’s tell you about the procedure:

  1. Splash hot water on your hair a few times so that the wax melts slightly and becomes soft.
  2. Then take the conditioner and apply it. Spread it evenly all over your head. This will help remove the wax from the hair.
  3. Then rinse everything off again with warm water and take the shampoo.
  4. Rub the shampoo well into your hair. The more lather you get, the better.
  5. Then use warm water.

It is worth mentioning that, depending on what products and how much you use, you may have to repeat this procedure several times. That said, this method is the best way to remove wax for hair styling.

In addition, do not confuse the order of action. You apply hair conditioner first, and only then shampoo. If you mix up these two steps, your hair will become entangled and your chances of hair wax removal will be drastically reduced. So follow our instructions carefully.

What Not to Do for Removing Wax Out of Hair

There are a few things you shouldn’t do if you want to remove wax from your hair without consequences. Many people panic when they notice that the wax is permanently stuck to their hair, and they often make unforgivable mistakes. We have prepared a list of things you should not do in a state of panic:

  • Wash your hair with dishwashing detergent. Yes, we know that these products can handle all kinds of dirt easily, but that only applies to your dishes. But if you use this product on your hair, you risk ruining it forever.
  • Combing. You will never be able to get rid of wax with a comb. Remember this forever. This way, you will only rip out a healthy chunk of hair and ruin your beautiful hair. You may even think that you’ve brushed all the wax out this way, but as soon as you use a blow dryer, you’ll find that the wax residue has glued your hair back together.
  • Using Vinegar. Don’t trust the kitchen ingredients that usually bail out housewives on any occasion. In this case, it is a sure way to damage your hair, and sometimes irreversibly.
  • Using a clothes iron. Many people go for this step out of desperation, but we strongly advise against it. Some people have covered their hair with paper towels and then tried to melt it with an iron. Remember that this remedy is only good for wooden surfaces in the house, and in the case of hair, it will only hurt. You can burn them permanently.
  • Cold water. You can find a lot of advice on the Internet about cold water. Yes, this method works and we even touched on it in our article, but we advise to resort to it if there is no nearby what else comes in handy for wax removal.


How to get wax out of hair? Removing wax from hair is not an easy task. If you do your best and have patience, you will be able to remove the dirt. Be careful with all the methods described above, as they can damage the hair. To avoid this, carry out the procedure correctly. Check how to remove wax from your skin it can be also removed easily.

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