How to Get Wax Off Your Skin – Useful Methods

Modern cosmetics make it easy to get rid of excess body hair without resorting to salon procedures. The only disadvantage of waxing at home is wax residue everywhere. Simple tips on how to get wax off your skin after the wax strip will help remove the remains of the viscous substance from the wax plates from clothing and wash it off the body with improvised means at home.

Why Wax Remains on the Skin After Waxing Session

Waxing is getting rid of vegetation in three steps: apply the product, press the wax strips, take them off with a sharp jerk against the growth of hair. In theory, everything is simple, but in practice, the result is not always so beautiful.


One of the unpleasant moments of the cosmetic procedure is wax residue. You have to puzzle over how to get wax off skin after depilation. There may be several reasons why the product remains on the body:

  • Inexperience, which makes it difficult to calculate the strength to stick and remove the strips;
  • Too thick a layer of product for waxing;
  • Uneven distribution of the viscous mass on the area of the body;
  • Removing the strip before the time specified in the instructions;
  • Conducting the session on too-short hair (up to 5 mm).

If you do not make these mistakes, the wax residue on the skin after the procedure will be minimal and it will not cause any trouble.

How to Get Wax Off Skin after the Wax Strip

It does not matter, home depilation or salon waxing women subject themselves to, and completely avoiding wax residue on the skin is not possible. In the salon is easier: the removal of the wax residue – the care of the master. At home, you will have to clean yourself.


The first and most wrong method, which women resort to – absorbent cotton or disks from it. When dry, they not only do not remove the epilation agent, on the contrary, the particles of absorbent cotton stick to the sticky substance. It is better to resort to one of these 7 proven and effective methods.

Wipes for removing wax residue after depilation

They always come with a viscous mass. Wipes, soaked in a special composition, easily remove wax residue and at the same time take care of the skin. But sometimes they are not enough.

Fat cream

This tool also works in two ways: it cleanses the residue of sticky mass and soothes the skin after depilation. It is necessary to wipe the body area several times with cotton disks with a large amount of nourishing or baby cream.

Natural olive oil-based lotion

All types of wax are fat-soluble substances. Therefore, any massage oil will do for cleansing the skin of the sticky substance. Take coconut oil or olive oil, as well as any cosmetic or baby oil. It is better to use them in a warm form.

A special cosmetic product

These can be lotions, sprays, and gels, usually fat-based or biphasic (with a fat component). It is enough to apply the product to the skin and wipe it with a cosmetic cloth or cotton pads.

A lint-free cotton pad

A lint-free cotton towel (waffle, kitchen towel), especially one not new, and several times washed will help remove wax residue after depilation. It is necessary to iron it, and put a warm cloth on the body. The wax will melt and be absorbed into the cotton cloth, like a sponge. You can take a piece of linen cloth.

Cosmetic soap and warm water

They should be used to remove small amounts of residual wax. Cold water to wash off the cold wax after depilation will not work, it will only harden more. And from the warm liquid sticky traces will slowly begin to disappear. To wash the remains of the viscous substance, it is better to take baby soap. Rubbing the skin with a sponge or brush is not allowed, as it will severely traumatize it.

Hair dryer

This method requires caution because too hot air can burn you. Otherwise, the process is simple: direct a warm stream of air onto the skin and wipe it with a paper napkin.

The main principle that should be adhered to: remove the wax from the skin after waxing must be immediately after the procedure. Because if you delay, it will harden and provoke irritation, hives, and pimples.

What to Treat the Skin After

After waxing and the complete removal of sticky residue from the body, the skin needs extra care. Moisturizing cream or lotion will soften and soothe it.


If after a cosmetic session there were inflammations, areas with rashes should be treated with a solution of chlorhexidine.

To ensure that new hairs do not appear soon, use special creams after depilation, they significantly slow down hair growth.

The Best Way to Remove Wax from Clothes

Both home and salon procedures for hair removal wax often end up on clothing. A simple wash doesn’t do the trick: you can’t remove a greasy stain with powder.


You can remove the wax after waxing from your clothes in one of these ways:

Freezing. This is the best option if the substance has not penetrated between the fibers of the fabric, not been absorbed. It is enough to put the thing for an hour in the freezer. From a low temperature, the wax will harden, and begin to crumble and it can easily be removed from the surface of the fabric.

Hot iron. You need to cover the soiled area with a paper napkin and an iron. This will melt the wax, and the napkin will absorb the greasy substance. The procedure should be repeated several times, changing the clothes. This method will get rid of even a stubborn stain.

Washing at high temperatures, or dipping a dirty part of the garment in hot water is only suitable for resistant material, which can be washed at 60-90 degrees.

Solvents. The “toughest” way to combat wax stains, but it is better than throwing the thing away. To help will come gasoline, white spirit.

After any of the cleaning options, the thing should be washed, additionally treating the wax stain with a dishwashing detergent or stain remover.

Video: How to Get Wax Off Your Skin

Have you just started waxing and need help? In this video, the detailed differences between hard wax and soft wax and how to apply both properly.

How to Prevent Wax Residue

It is impossible to completely avoid the appearance of wax on the skin. But it is possible to minimize this unpleasant phenomenon if you follow some simple rules.

  • First of all, you must carefully read the instructions and follow them.
  • The procedure should be performed on sufficiently grown hairs.
  • Distribute the wax only on dry skin.
  • Apply the sticky mass with a thin layer, “without reserve”.
  • Press the wax strips well against the body.
  • Tear off the strips without delay, with sharp, quick movements.
  • Take care beforehand to take care of a remover to remove the sticky residue and wipe it off the skin immediately.

Finally, it is not superfluous to watch a training video before the procedure.

Removing unwanted vegetation with wax at home is not so difficult. If you follow simple recommendations, no sticky spots on your skin or clothes will be left behind. Here is how to use wax strips.

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