How to Remove Wax from Laminate Flooring -Detailed Guide

Modern laminate is a hard-wearing, durable floor covering. However, it is prone to damage under various influences. The most affected are the lock joints, the protective coating of the top layer of panels. Wax is used to protect these parts of the coating. However, it happens that on the surface remains a stain from it (special, candle), then the question arises, how to remove wax from laminate flooring?


To solve the problem, you need to know the area of its application and methods of treatment.

Application of Wax Compositions for Laminate

Wax is used with a clear focus. A special composition is sold in stores for laminate flooring. It differs in the shade, composition, consistency, and other characteristics. It is used in such situations.

Restoration of scratches

Restoration of panels, where in the process of use there are scratches, and chips. To remove them, a pencil is used, the shade of which is carefully selected. Lock joints are considered problematic areas of the coating.

Thanks to them, the connection of the panels is invisible, but moisture can get there. Therefore, the joints are treated with a wax compound. This provides protection for the joints. It is important to apply the compound to the joints – it is not applied to the laminate panels.

Wax Treatment

The process of applying wax mixtures depends on the form of release, purpose. The manufacturer of the products provides detailed instructions on how to use the product, so there will be no problems with this. The following methods are used to treat joint locks and different defects:


The paste-like (liquid) composition is applied to areas with a brush. Do this before laying the laminate in the room. Excess composition with the surface immediately removed with a dry rag.

A compound in a tube is squeezed out in a strip on the ridge of the lock. After the panels are assembled, the excess wax is not removed from the joints immediately: wait until it hardens, then remove it with a plastic spatula.

The surface of the laminate floor near the problem area is scrubbed, let it dry. Then a wax pencil in the tone of the coating is painted over the area with a thin layer. When the scratch is deep, the composition is applied in stages, letting each layer dry. After drying, the surface is polished.

How to Remove Wax Buildup from Laminate Floor

Drops of paraffin, candle wax, and gum can be removed from the laminate floor in a completely different way. Wait until the substance has hardened, then very carefully remove it from the surface with a plastic knife or scraper, and clean the stain that remains with a special repairing paste.


Do not use metallic sponges when cleaning the laminate floor. Note also that the top film is corroded by alkali and acid, so make sure that the product has a neutral pH level.

Freezing method

If the wax is not removed from the surface of the laminate floor immediately, it will be quite difficult to cope with the wax stain. To remove it from the laminate floor you need to use the method of rapid freezing. You need to take a bag of ice and put it in the place where the wax was spilled.

After that, the frozen wax is easier to scrape off the surface. If there is still residue on the laminate floors, you need to put a small damp cloth on it and iron it out. The residue will transfer to the cloth.


Baking soda helps very well against wax stains on the carpet. It should be used as a concentrated solution with which to wipe the damaged surface. Removing wax from wooden laminate floors is also a fairly simple procedure. Here is how to remove wax from wood floors.

To do it, you need to cool the wax stain, and then gently scrape it off the surface. At the same time, it is necessary to act carefully – the slightest scratch can spoil even a new and very beautiful floor.

Using a hair dryer

You can also heat the wax stain with a hair dryer. In doing so, you must lay paper around the stain to prevent the wax from spreading over the laminate floors. It is carefully collected on the paper, and the residue is wiped dry with a wool rag.

In addition, the stain can be cooled with an ice pack, and then try to scrape it off. This should be done with a playing card or plastic card, as other improvised means may damage the paintwork.

Using an iron

Another option is absorbents and a hot iron. You can put some rice in a paper bag and then put the bag on the laminate floors. The bag is ironed on top with a hot iron, and the wax is absorbed inside. If you know such recipes, wax stains on laminate floors are not so terrible.

Additional Tips for Laminate Floors

Remember that there is also a variety of special commercial laminate floor cleaners available. Also, you can use a homemade laminate floor cleaner. There are also a number of different stain removers, one of which will certainly work in your case. If the indications are the same, apply the liquid to the soiling, following the instructions.


Always use a dry cloth for wiping. When an oily sheen remains on the stain, it can also be removed with a soapy cleaning solution of laundry soap or vinegar solution.

How to Remove Candle Wax from Wood Laminate Floors

As the candle burns, drops of wax can get on the surface of a table, laminate floors, wall, or clothing. Some materials are capable of absorbing wax lipids, which leaves a greasy stain on them.

Therefore, the entire cleaning process consists of two steps:

  1. Removing the candle stain.
  2. Removing the grease stain.

After that, proceed to the second step. Depending on the quality of the material and the size of the product, different techniques are used.

Hand tools for use at home

Home methods of removing wax and paraffin are characterized by simplicity, affordability, and small financial expenses. The best effects in the fight against candle wax stains have:


Hot steam

For this method, use a household steamer, an iron with the appropriate function, or a container of boiling water. The contaminated area is held over steam for 10-15 minutes.


The method is based on the use of a hair dryer or iron. The waxed area on both sides is covered with paper napkins and heated with an iron or hair dryer from the back.

Hot water

If sizes allow, the product is put under a stream of hot water so that the stain from the candle is at the bottom. An alternative may be a container of hot water, in which the stained area is immersed.

Talc, chalk, starch

Fill the stain abundantly with powder and cover it with a napkin. Put a weight on top and leave for 1-1,5 hours. Then scrub the laminate floors with a brush.


The product is placed in a plastic bag and put in the freezer for 1-2 hours. A bag of ice is attached to bulky objects. Then use a plastic scraper or rough brush to scrub off the hardened particles.

Ammonia, gasoline

A napkin is soaked in one of the liquids and covered the stain with it for a quarter of an hour. After such soaking, additionally, wipe the laminate floors.

To neutralize grease stains from wax, a complex composition is suitable, including purified gasoline (50 ml), ethyl alcohol (10 ml), and ammonia (35 ml).

Video: How to Remove Wax from Laminate Flooring

If you wanna know how to remove wax from laminate floors, watch this video.


As you can see, wax for laminate flooring has a dual nature: its proper use helps to increase the water resistance, strength, and therefore the longevity of the flooring. At the same time, wax stains on the laminate floors need to be removed immediately. And the methods of removal are quite simple. Now that you know how to proceed in each situation, you shouldn’t have any problems taking care of your laminate flooring.

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