How to wax your armpits? [7 steps]

Although underarm hair is a normal part of the human body, several individuals find it unsightly or unnecessary and choose to remove it by shaving or waxing their arms.

Even though many people regularly keep their underarms hairless, some are still unsure whether waxing their underarms is an effective way to keep up their underarm grooming routine or if they should keep shaving their armpits.

Armpit hair grows fast, and many individuals struggle to keep it under control. Regrettably, shaving does not provide long-term or efficient results. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps on how you can wax armpits.

how to wax your armpits
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What is armpit waxing?

Armpit waxing is an alternative to shaving. There are two types of waxing: soft waxing, which removes hardened armpit hair using paper or cloth strips, and hard waxing, which removes the hair without the need for strips.

Both involve pulling hair from the root and can be painful, much like tweezing.

How to wax your armpits yourself?

I advise following the following steps to achieve hair-free armpits:


Extremely long hair may be just as counterproductive when waxing as extremely short hair. I suggest using a trimmer or scissors to cut them to around ¼ inch.

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Exfoliation is a vital step before waxing because it removes dead cells from the skin and allows the wax to adhere properly. Exfoliating after a wax is also an excellent idea; it will help prevent ingrown hairs!


Compared to other areas of the body, the armpits produce significantly more sweat. Furthermore, there is room for more bacteria to proliferate there.

Ensure that you arrive at your waxing appointment or begin your do-it-yourself waxing session clean.

I advise using a body wash or mild soap bar to prevent unwarranted skin irritation. I believe using warm or hot water to soften the hairs and somewhat open the pores will facilitate the waxing procedure. Lastly, I strongly advise against using deodorant afterward, it’ll just make the wax less adherent.

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Take pain relievers

If you’re anxious about the pain of waxing, taking an acetaminophen or ibuprofen tablet an hour or two beforehand could help ease your pain. However, if you want to de-stress, make sure to stay away from alcohol! Caffeine and alcohol increase skin sensitivity.

Powder up

Before waxing, dab your armpits with talcum powder or cornstarch to absorb any natural oils or moisture from your skin. Drying off the area before waxing will help the wax stick to the hairs more effectively.

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Heat body wax

It is important to use wax meant for leg and body hair removal, not wax meant for facial hair. Heat the wax in a microwave or wax heater in line with the instructions on the package. Once fully melted and runny, it’s ready to use.

  • If this is your first attempt at waxing, I advise testing it on the back of your hand, where the skin is less sensitive, to ensure that the wax isn’t excessively hot.
  • Beauty supply stores and pharmacies have kits for body waxing.
  • Sugar wax can be used for underarm hair removal. It requires minimal heating and contains neither chemicals nor resin.
  • The following recipe can be used to create your own sugar-based body wax to remove hair: mix 2 cups of sugar with 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup lemon juice. Heat the mixture on the stove over low heat until the sugar melts and it turns into a sticky syrup. The mixture is now ready for use.
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Apply wax

Using a waxing stick:

Add a generous amount of hot wax to the waxing stick and swipe it on your armpit in the direction of hair growth. Swipe continuously in the same direction until all the hair has been coated with wax.

  • There are individuals with hair growth in multiple directions. If your armpit hair grows in different directions, you will need to wax underarms one section at a time. Remember not to wax the same area more than once.
  • Never swipe the wax in the opposite direction of underarm hair growth. Your hair strands will become tangled and will not pull out smoothly.

Using wax strips:

Pick up one of the paper wax strips included in your package.

Position it over the waxed region and give it a single swipe with your hand in the direction of hair growth.

  • If you made your own sugar wax, I advise using a clean cotton cloth as the wax strip.
  • Leave the edge of the strip free of wax so you can grasp it and pull it off.
  • If one strip is insufficient to cover all the wax, work one at a time.
  • Holding the strip by its free edge, swiftly pull it in the opposite direction of your hair. The hair, wax, and strip should easily be removed. Proceed with the other armpit and repeat the process.
  • You’ll have to give it another go if the armpit hair and wax don’t come off. Apply a fresh wax strip.
  • If the hair removal process hurts excessively, I recommend using warm water and olive oil to remove the wax and then shaving instead.
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Best wax aftercare

I recommend following this aftercare procedure after your armpit wax:

  1. If you notice that your underarm skin is tender, pat it down and use a cold compress or hydrocortisone cream right away to prevent underarm complications.
  2. Refrain from using deodorant shortly after waxing underarms as you could get irritated by it. It is common for one to experience skin irritation after waxing your armpits.
  3. Avoid spending too much time in the sun after waxing underarms, as your skin may become more sensitive to the hot heat. This may also lead you to sweat excessively, which could irritate your freshly waxed pits. I also advise avoiding hot baths.
  4. Wait at least 24 hours after using waxing to remove hair before engaging in any strenuous activity.

Armpit waxing contraindications

I advise refraining from waxing your armpits if you have lumps, nicks, or ingrown hairs from prior shaving. Your underarms may become more infected if you wax.

I advise refraining from waxing your armpits if you are pregnant. Your pregnancy hormones may respond abnormally to waxing, making your underarm skin extra sensitive to pain.

I advise refraining from waxing if you are menstruating. Similar to pregnancy, you may have increased skin sensitivity at this time.

Is it good to wax your armpits?

Waxing armpits might be a fantastic solution for several individuals. This hair removal method delivers longer-lasting results in comparison with shaving, as it tends to remove armpit hair from the root.

This can cause slower regrowth and finer hair in the long run.

Waxing may be unpleasant, especially in sensitive areas like the armpits. I strongly advise against waxing the same area twice. I recommend weighing the benefits and downsides before deciding whether or not waxing is suitable for you.

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Why can’t I wax my armpits?

There are various reasons why waxing your armpits might not be suitable for you.
First and foremost, certain individuals have sensitive skin, and waxing may result in irritation, redness, and even ingrown hairs, particularly in the delicate underarm area.

Additionally, if you have eczema or psoriasis, waxing may worsen your condition, resulting in discomfort.

Furthermore, if you have recently used certain skin drugs or treatments, waxing armpit hair isn’t recommended since it may cause skin damage or adverse reactions.

I believe it’s essential to evaluate these factors and speak with a dermatologist or skincare specialist to figure out whether waxing is a good hair removal option for you, depending on your skin type and condition.

What are the benefits of armpit waxing?

Waxing your armpits comes with several benefits, including:

  • Longer-lasting results as opposed to shaving
  • Exfoliation of the underarm area, removing dead skin cells and leaving it smooth and clean
  • Slower hair regrowth
  • Absence of razor burn, nicks, and cuts

What are the disadvantages of armpit waxing?

Although armpit waxing is a popular hair removal technique, there are certain disadvantages to consider. First, it can be painful, particularly in sensitive areas. Furthermore, skin discomfort and ingrown hairs are typical adverse effects of the waxing process. Another disadvantage of waxing is the cost, especially if a professional does it.

Meanwhile, unlike shaving, you must wait for the hair to reach a particular length before waxing again. Finally, waxing your armpits yourself may be difficult and messy.


How long should armpit hair be to wax?

1/4 to 3/4 inch of underarm hair is perfect. If the hair is shorter than that, the wax strips will be unable to securely grip the strands and properly remove them.


Armpit waxing is a hair removal method that removes hair from the root, and there are two types: soft waxing and hard waxing. You should weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully before scheduling an appointment. Preparations before and during the waxing treatment are just as essential as aftercare. Also, I recommend using post-wax oil to get rid of any excess wax after your procedure.

I believe you can easily achieve hair-free underarms as long as you adhere to the instructions in this comprehensive guide.

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