Kringle Candle vs Yankee Candle: Which Is The Better Brand?

Both Kringle Candle and Yankee Candles are popular and known for their premium quality products. But if you were to compare Kringle Candle vs Yankee Candle, which one would come out on top?

Yankee Candles are a better brand. They have managed to establish themselves as one of the big names in the candle industry. Their product catalog is heavier than Kringle’s and has more customer-friendly policies. Also, they provide better value for money. But some Yankee Candles may emit harmful chemicals when burned. So, when it comes to safety, Kringle Candle may be the better choice.

In the next sections, you will see why Yankee Candles are considered a better brand compared to Kringle Candle.  

Kringle Candle Vs Yankee Candle: What’s The Difference?

kringle candle yankee candle
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Kringle and Yankee Candles are both reputable brands, but there are certain nuances that put one over the others.

Now, let’s take a glance at their basic contrasts in the table below-

FactorsKringle CandleYankee Candle
Fragrances 92600+ 
Product Variety Fewer varietiesMore Varieties
Ingredients Used and SustainabilityUses non-toxic ingredientsSome candles may be toxic
Brand ReputationLower than YankeeBetter than Kringle
AvailabilityAvailable globallySold in nearly 50 countries but no global shipping
PricingMore expensiveReasonable

Now, let’s discuss their differences in detail.


Yankee Candle is well-known for its vast collection of over 600 fragrances. 

On the other hand, Kringle Candle offers only 92 different fragrances.

Additionally, both brands cater to individuals who prefer unscented candles and offer a fragrance-free option. 

On top of that, both Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle frequently introduce new fragrances and limited-edition scents. 

Result: Yankee Candle wins for offering more fragrances.

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Product Variety:

Yankee Candle has a more expansive catalog that includes numerous product lines and categories. Also, Yankee Candle stands out for its vast selection of products. 

These are signature jar candles, tumbler and pillar candles, 3-wick candles, mini candles, votive candles, etc. Also, these candles come in various sizes, scents, and designs. 

Alternatively, Kringle Candle product categories include the Kringle Candle Collection, Country Candle Collection, 3-Wick Candles, and Vineyard Collection.

In addition to candles, Yankee Candle offers a variety of candle-alternative products. These include sleep diffusers, scent plugs, scent lights, wax melts, scenterpiece warmers, and many more. 

Within these categories, customers can find various candle forms such as jars, tumblers, wax melts, DayLights, and tea lights.

While Kringle Candle focuses primarily on candles, they also provide flameless scenting options such as melts, air mists, and firestarters. 

Winner: Yankee Candle for having more diverse products.

Ingredients Used And Sustainability:

When it comes to materials, Kringle Candle uses natural and non-toxic ingredients. But some candles produced by Yankee Candles may not be safe for you to use as for using paraffin.

The main ingredients used in Kringle Candles are soy wax which is biodegradable, non-toxic and burns clean. Also, even when Kringle Candle uses paraffin wax, which is known to be toxic, it is food-grade and safe. Also, the candle jars are made from recyclable and sustainable materials.

On the contrary, Yankee Candles that are made from paraffin wax are not considered safe for your health. Other brands that make paraffin wax candles, like Better Homes and Garden are also toxic.

If you did not know, there are different types of soy wax, like soy wax 464, 414, and 444. 

Winner: Kringle Candle wins for safer ingredients and sustainability.

Brand Reputation:

As far as brand reputation is concerned, Yankee Candle has managed to build a larger customer base. That’s because of its better customer-oriented policies compared to Kringle Candle. 

Yankee Candle offers a range of customer-focused policies, such as a free return policy and discounts for veterans.

brand reputation
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In terms of discounts and promotions, Yankee Candle is known for its frequent offerings. This emphasis on discounts and promotions contributes to the brand’s popularity among consumers. Also, it supports various pay-later options that are just handy for the customers.

Yankee Candle also has an advantage in terms of brand establishment. With its founding year of 1969, the brand has a long-standing history in the industry. It is also one of the top five candle brands in the world that have stores in nearly 50 countries.  

On the other hand, Kringle Candle’s customer policies are limited. It does not have as many customer-oriented policies as Yankee Candle. The availability and frequency of discounts and promotions at Kringle Candle are also comparatively lower.

Moreover, Kringle Candle was just founded in 2010, so it isn’t even comparable to Yankee Candle. 

Winner: Yankee Candles wins for better customer policies. 


One advantage that Kringle Candle has over Yankee Candle is its better availability, thanks to its international shipping options. 

Kringle Candle offers the convenience of shipping their products globally, allowing customers from worldwide to access their candles and fragrances. On the other hand, Yankee Candle does not currently provide international shipping. This limits its availability to a narrower geographic region. 

Winner: Kringle Candles wins for allowing international shipping.


Kringle Candles tends to price its products a bit more than Yankee Candles. You can get more for less money if you get your candles from Yankee Candles.

In comparison, Kringle Candle’s 14-oz soy wax blend Lemon Lavender candle costs $25.50 and has a 45-hour burn time. Yankee Candles 18-oz Sage Citrus soy wax blend candle costs $24.50 and provides 45+ hours of burn time.

On top of that, Yankee Candles put their products more frequently on sale compared to Kringle Candles. So, you can even get them at lesser prices.

Winner: Yankee Candles wins for providing more value for money.

Kringle Candle vs Yankee Candle: Which One Won?

After considering all the relevant factors, it is safe to say that Yankee Candles offer a better overall package. However, it’s important to note that Yankee Candles predominantly use paraffin wax. 

This may raise safety concerns for some individuals due to potential emissions when burned. But no matter which candles you use, it’s better to practice caution. Otherwise, you may get some wax in the eye that can damage your eyes.

On the other hand, Kringle Candles provide a safer alternative. They use soy blends, 100% soy wax, and other natural wax options. This makes Kringle Candles a better choice in terms of safety and environmental impact. 

Additionally, Kringle Candles also have an advantage in terms of availability, offering international shipping options. 

Ultimately, the choice between Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle depends on. You can go for individual preferences, weighing factors such as safety, fragrance options, or brand reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Candle Company Has The Strongest-Smelling Candles? 

Yankee Candles and Bath & Body Works are known for their strongest-smelling candles. These brands were recognized for their intense fragrances that stood out among other competitors.

Are There Fake Yankee Candles? 

Yes, there have been instances of fake Yankee Candles being sold in the market. Online marketplaces and unauthorized sellers sometimes sell counterfeit Yankee candles.

Who Started Kringle Candle? 

Kringle Candle was started by Michael Kittredge, Jr., who is the son of the founder of Yankee Candle Company. Michael Kittredge, Jr. founded Kringle Candle in 2010, following his family’s candle-making legacy.


When comparing Kringle Candle vs Yankee Candle, both brands offer candle products with unique features.

As opposed to Yankee Candle, Kringle Candle stands out for its safety and international availability. Ultimately, the choice between Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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