How to clean wax warmer

In this article we will tell you about something that many people are interested in: how to clean wax warmer.

Wax warmers have many useful uses. You can see them in cosmetic salons, where they are used to warm up wax for depilation, as well as in many shops that make decorative candles and other wax products we love so much.

how to clean wax warmer

You can buy wax warmers yourself to use them to melt scented wax, if you like to create a unique atmosphere at home and always enjoy the wonderful aroma. These wax warmers usually contain either a low wattage light bulb or a special heating plate, or you can find a cute little wax heating vase that is rubbed with scented oils.

No matter what kind of wax warmer you prefer, you need to remember to clean it to get rid of excess debris, keep it free of nasty buildup, and keep the device from going to the dump early. With the help of inexpensive and everywhere you sell household remedies, it’s easy to tackle the task of cleaning your wax heater.

How Often to Clean a Wax Warmer

How often should I clean the wax warmer? It all depends on how often you use it. The best option is to clean it after each use.

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This will give you a chance to get rid of accumulated dust, keep the wax warmer intact as long as possible by getting rid of plaque that gets in the way a lot later on, and give you a chance to try some new flavor of wax melt without the impurities of the old one.

If you have an electric heating pad that you need for scented wax, it’s a good idea to start cleaning when the wax is cold and no longer fills the room with fragrance.

What You Will Need

Required Materials

  • Mineral oil
  • Special soft cotton cloths
  • Cotton balls
  • Paper towel, the more the better
  • Spatula for cleaning silicone wax
  • Any all-purpose cleaner
  • The simplest melamine sponge

Step-by-Step Guide

It’s best to start with warm scented wax

You’ll find it easier to remove the wax while it’s still liquid and hasn’t hardened completely. Run the wax warmer until the wax melts. If there is very little wax or the wax warmer is small on its own, then don’t go anywhere and watch the process, as the wax melt can start quite quickly.

Completely turn off the electric wax warmer

Once the wax melt is liquid don’t forget to turn off the electric heater, then don’t touch anything for a couple of minutes, let it cool slightly. When this has happened, go to the next step.

Remove the wax melts from the inside of the electric wax warmer

When you’re going to do anything with hot wax melts, you need to wear special gloves or get a regular oven mitt, otherwise you risk getting burned.

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If there is very little wax, for example you have a small decorative wax warmer, you can safely soak it up or just wipe it lightly with an old unwanted cloth, paper towel or cotton swabs.

If there is a lot of wax, it is better to put it in a non-burning waste container or in a special container if you plan to reuse it, especially if the wax is left with no trace of dust or debris.

If the wax has already cured a bit, that’s where a rubber spatula comes in handy, to quickly get rid of the wax stains on the wax warmer.


If the wax reservoir or dish is removable and you can take it out, you can just do that and then put it in the freezer for a while.

Read the instructions for the user, as extreme cold can cause irreparable damage to some types of warming dishes. Then take a non-sharp knife or plastic scraper to remove all excess wax from the well.

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There is another useful way – place a piece of good thick twine right in the center of the melted wax( naturally, when there is no longer any hint of flame). Take a length of twine long enough to go over the edge of the burner.

When the wax finally hardens, pull the string and it will come out with the ball of wax.

Where to put the wax

If you will not reuse the leftover wax, you will need to throw it in the trash, but only after it has completely cooled down. Under no circumstances pour hot wax into the sink, it will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Removing wax in the salon

If you suddenly notice any droplets of wax on the outer walls of the wax warmer, just drop some vegetable oil on the cloth and wipe it off. Then wipe the surface dry with a paper towel.

Adding wax melt

When you have finished cleaning the heating pad, you can add the wax melt again and plug the wax warmer in. It is completely ready to use.

Overview of Tools How To Clean Wax Warmer

Wipes soaked in alcohol. You can buy wipes soaked in 90% alcohol in advance at the drugstore chain. This concentration facilitates the rapid removal of wax from any surface – metal, plastic, glass. The active ingredient in this case is isopropyl alcohol, which quickly and efficiently dissolves wax components.

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Lotion for skin cleansing. There are means in liquid form, which cleans the skin after the procedure with the wax. The lotion not only cleanses the skin, but also nourishes it thanks to its composition, which contains fatty components.

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If you moisten a piece of cotton cloth with such lotion, the walls of the wax melter can be easily and quickly cleaned of wax impurities.

Vegetable oil. Briefly we have already talked about this ingredient, let’s dwell on it in more detail. For the purpose of cleaning the machine warming wax, you can use any oil – olive oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil, massage oil. In some cases, vegetable oil can be replaced by a greasy cream. To use such means is quite simple.

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First apply the oil or cream on the walls of a warm wax melter and allow the fatty components to dissolve the wax for 5-10 minutes. Then take a dry cotton cloth or tissue, press it to the wall of the wax melter and wipe off the wax – it will remain on the cloth.

Then the cloth is moistened with a soapy water solution and wiped again to remove any grease residue.

The considered methods of removing wax are effective only if used on wax warmer. On cold surfaces, they may be ineffective, or a large amount of cleaning agent will be required.

Useful Tips

To remove wax residue from the body of the wax warmer after waxing, when the procedure was performed at home, you can use a mechanical method. Cured wax is removed with the back of a knife blade or with a wooden spatula.

The wax droplet, hardened on the surface, must be carefully lifted – as a rule, then it is itself well away from the plastic housing of the device. Then the surface of the wax warmer is wiped with a cloth moistened in a soap solution, and then the device is wiped dry.

But this method is used infrequently, as there is a risk of scratching the wax melter or ruining it. In addition, the mechanical method of cleaning will require painstaking work that takes a lot of effort and time.

It is not recommended to clean the inner surface of the wax melter bowl with this method, so as not to damage the non-stick coating.

It is much easier to put the equipment in order after the procedure, carried out at home, by more gentle methods. It is worth remembering that hot wax melter wax comes off faster and easier than anything else, but there is a risk of burning your hands.

In the process of cleaning the wax maker from waxing contaminants, the user must remember that the device is powered by electricity, so you need to carefully monitor that water does not get inside the body or is not in the contact area.

Before reconnecting the appliance to the mains, make sure that the wire itself, the connection contact to the appliance and the plug are in a perfectly dry condition. This will prevent a short circuit and protect you from electric shock.

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In addition, you must not wipe with a damp cloth the device, which is included in the electrical outlet. All wax melter cleaning operations may only be performed when the wax melter is disconnected from the power supply.

Read some more tips how to clean a wax warmer or warmer dish the right way.

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