How to get wax off wall

You’ve probably laid down in the bathtub and lit candles at least once, and after that relaxing procedure you noticed that there was wax on the walls. We will tell you how to get wax off wall easily.

Candlelight creates a unique atmosphere, as if launching a holiday into the house, a drop of romance and tranquility.

how to get wax off wall

But removing wax stains is quite a joyless task, so we have gathered the most effective ways to remove candle wax and to prevent their appearance. After reading this article, you will be able to use candles without unpleasant consequences.

Easy Tips for Removing Candle Wax from a Wall

Even a candle that’s burning evenly can drop a drop of candle wax on your carpet and other places, dirty your floor and table, and the stain can be permanently dried.

And if you’re careless, blowing out a candle as usual can lead to stains on the walls, which obviously won’t make you happy.

Hasten to rejoice that removing wax from almost any wall is not as difficult an undertaking as you might think. Although no universal candle wax remover has yet been invented that could magically get rid of the stain, we have found some useful options for you that will make cleaning a pleasure.

Below we’ll tell you how to remove candle wax from wood, as well as painted and textured walls.

What You Need to Remove Wax

Before we get into action and find out how to remove wax from the wall, take your time grabbing wipes and start by finding the following useful items at home.

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If something is missing in stock, you can always finish it at the nearest store.

To remove wax from wooden walls you will need:

  • Cleaner for wooden surfaces
  • Special wax for furniture

To remove wax from painted walls:

  • White vinegar or vinegar-soaked cloths

To remove wax from textured walls:

  • Baking soda
  • Paper bag

How to Remove Candle Wax from Walls

How to get Candle Wax from Wooden Walls

If you’re going to remove melted wax from any wooden surface, whether it’s a wall, floor or windowsill, you need to first make sure that the candle wax has completely cooled down.

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If the wax is still soft, you can help it harden by applying an ice cube or paper ice pack. Then you need to take your time and gently remove the wax stain using your credit card, a sturdy ruler or a butter knife.

Soak the rag lightly in furniture wax or usually wood cleaner, then wipe off any wax residue.

You can remove wax from wooden surfaces with a construction dryer. Place a towel or cloth over the wooden surface, blow warm air over the cloth, and melt the wax, which will be absorbed immediately into the cloth. After removing the wax, disinfect the surface with alcohol.

How to Remove Wax from Painted Walls

If the wall is painted, then there are no special problems in removing the wax stain, you just need warm (well warm) water and a sponge to simply wipe off the excess wax. Depending on what kind of paint is on the wall, use the softer or harder side of the sponge.

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If the wax is very much embedded, then you can take a tissue for impregnation and by heating the place with a regular hair dryer, just wipe off the wax itself.

But in any case there may be oily spots, because the wax itself is quite greasy and can soak into the top layer.

You will notice that a small amount of wax is still visible on the painted wall. Take vinegar and pour one part of it into three parts of boiling water. Wet the rag and gently wipe off any stains on the painted wall.

How to Remove Wax from Textured Walls

This is where the process of removing the wax will be a little more complicated than the previous options, as there are many patterns and depressions on such a wall, which only makes your job more cumbersome.

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This is where the heating method will work, but not directly, but with a little trickery. Put a paper bag on the wax stain, and then at a small distance aim the hair dryer at it, after which the wax will rapidly begin to stick to the surface of the bag.

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If you need to remove small wax stains, pour water in a cup and add a tablespoon of baking soda to it, then stir it. Dip a rag in this solution and wipe the wall.

How to Remove Wax from a Wall Using an Iron

For this method, we need an ordinary iron, just this time you will not iron the clothes with it, but get rid of the wax stains. This method is suitable not only for the walls, but also for clothes and furniture.

First, you need to remove as much excess wax as possible from the wall, for this you can use an ordinary scraper. Do not push it hard to avoid scratching the wall, use gentle pressure. You should place a couple of paper towels on top of the wax residue, then lightly press a heated iron against it. Turn on the medium heat. You’ll only need a couple of seconds, you shouldn’t hold it in longer.

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The wax will stick to the paper, gently remove the paper towels, if stains remain, repeat the procedure with clean paper towels. Then, when the wax becomes barely visible, you will need to wipe the surface with alcohol to prevent unpleasant streaks from appearing on it.

If you get wax on the wall, you may be afraid that there is no way to get rid of this stain, then do not panic. Of course, it’s a painstaking job, but you won’t find anything difficult about it. Just follow our advice and you will succeed.

A Few Tips for Effective Removing Candle Wax

Do not use an iron to remove colored wax stains, it can only fix the dye. In this case, vinegar should be used.

Do not use metal spatulas, which can damage and scratch hard surfaces.

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If you use an iron to clean wax stains, always set the temperature to minimum or medium.

If the wall is stained with a colored candle, you can remove it with an ordinary eraser. Then wipe the surface with a solution of water and baking soda (1 part baking soda and 3 parts water).

Residual grease perfectly removes alcohol or any detergent for dishes, as well as proven itself as a means for complete cleaning hydrogen peroxide, by the way it is absolutely neutral to paints and materials, will remove grease oxidizing it without damaging the surface.

How To Get Wax Off Wall and Prevent Candle Wax Stains

Although candles often leave droplets of wax splattered when you blow them out, the best way to get rid of wax stains is to prevent them from appearing. It’s easy enough to do if you stick to a couple of simple tips.

Buy a special candle tray or a wide candle holder. Some people prefer to use glass jars for placement. This is very convenient, does not leave marks on various surfaces and looks very atmospheric from the outside.

You should not put candles in places that are dear to you. Better yet, keep them away from expensive furniture and walls. If you still neglected the tray, make some base for the holder with your own hands.

Before you blow out the candle flame, cover it with your hands to keep the wax from flying onto the walls. Blow it out gently so that the wax doesn’t splatter too much.

Wait until the candle has cooled and hardened completely before moving it from place to place. This way, you will avoid unnecessary drips on the floor, carpet, or furniture.

Read so more on how to get wax off a wall in a few easy steps.

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